Churches and Ironworks of Western Uusimaa

Now you can get a guided tour of the Churches and Ironworks in Western Uusimaa
in your mobile phone. Watch the guided tours as a video at

The guides last approx. 3-5 minutes. Video watching cost normal mobile charge.

The guide has been produced in cooperation with the parish offices in western Uusimaa
and Janne Ingman/JÅI-video.

The following churches and ironworks have their own guidance:

Bromarv church Antskog Ironworks
Degerby church Billnäs Ironworks
Ekenäs church Fagervik Ironworks
Fagervik church Fiskars Ironworks
Hanko church Svartå Ironworks
Ingå church  
Karis church  
Kirkkonummi church  
Pojo church  
Siuntio church  
Snappertuna church  
Svartå church  
Tenala church  

More information about the churches and Ironworks is to be found on the following sites:
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (the parisches), Svartå Manor, Billnäs Ironworks,
Fagervik Manor, Fiskars village.